Paid for by the 2022 Committee to Elect Kerry J. Morris for the New Mexico Supreme Court

Kerry has lived in Albuquerque for most of his 70 years where he resided with his father and mother and 2 brothers, Larry and Terry. He attended Bel Air elementary school, McKinley Junior high school, and Del Norte high school.

After high school, Kerry attended the University of Albuquerque and UNM, graduating with a bachelor of university studies degree in 1977 and a jurist doctorate degree from UNM law school in 1981.

Before graduating from UNM, Kerry opened an Indonesian restaurant with a friend across from the University which they ran together for 3 years then he opened a Mexican-American restaurant across from the courthouse in Albuquerque.

After being encouraged by several of the lawyers who ate in his restaurant, Kerry decided to finish his degree at UNM before going on to law school there.

Upon graduating from law school in 1981, Kerry was hired by then District Attorney Stephen Schiff and work there for nearly 2 years.

Not sure that he was cut out to be a lawyer, Kerry tried his hand at various other professions including being a stockbroker, insurance salesman, and for a brief time he sold mobile homes. This all changed in 1986 when Kerry was asked by the Republican Party of New Mexico to recruit lawyers to run for judge. At that time, there were just over 150 judgeships in the state of New Mexico and only a small number of these positions were occupied by Republicans. And, each time a Republican occupied judgeship was up for election there was always a Democrat opponent whereas the Democrat judges almost never were challenged by Republicans. The party felt that this was high time to change that scenario and tasked Kerry with recruiting Republican lawyers to run for the judgeships that were up for election in 1986. Kerry was successfully able to recruit Republican lawyers to run for each and every judgeship that was up in Bernalillo County and for the state wide appellate court races. Republican candidates won several of those positions, many of them remaining on the bench until they retired.

After the 1986 election, Kerry opened his private practice of law, ABQ Law Clinic/Morris Law Firm, which he has continued to the present representing thousands of individuals and small businesses over the year in connection with a wide variety of legal matters including: Accident Cases, Insurance Defense, Probate/Wills/Estate Planning, Real Estate, Conservatorships, Business Law, Construction Law, Consumer Law, Contracts, Corporate Law, Legal Malpractice, Libel, Slander and Defamation, Personal Injury, Religious Institutions, Mediation, Workers Compensation, and many more.

In the middle of the 1986 election, Kerry met and married his wife Gloria, who is an accountant, and manages the law firm that they started together. They have one son, Andrew who, after graduating from Columbia of Chicago in 2020, works in North Hollywood California as a commercial photographer.