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“I am delighted to endorse Kerry Morris. As a friend and business acquaintance I have had a friendship with Kerry Morris for many years. He has always been an honest friend and at times a mentor to me. I have found Kerry Morris to always be honest and reliable in a way I have rarely seen. I am happy to see he is running for the Supreme Court position and would encourage everyone to vote for him. He is a common sense alternative that our state desperately needs.”
John Dziak, Insurance agent

Journal announces endorsements for NM Supreme and Appeals courts
By Albuquerque Journal Editorial Board
Thursday, October 15th, 2020.
Justice of the Supreme Court, Position 2
Republican Kerry J. Morris
As his humorous TV spots show, Morris has no business on the basketball court. But with nearly 40 years of legal experience, Morris is well-qualified for the Supreme Court.
Morris told the Editorial Board he is a problem-solver first and a litigator as a last resort. He says he seeks the “least drastic deal” at his family law practice in Albuquerque and his description of himself as a “peacemaker lawyer” is refreshing to hear from an attorney.
Morris also says the courts have become politicized, with judges legislating from the bench. He says the courts should not be determining matters that should be decided by lawmakers, such as the state Supreme Court’s decisions this year on evictions and garnishments. On his watch, ”we’re going to apply the law as written,” he told the Editorial Board.
Morris, as a Republican, offers the Supreme Court some needed diversity in philosophy and thinking. The political balance of the court has historically been to the left, and the pending retirement of the Supreme Court’s only current Republican, Justice Judith Nakamura, makes balancing the court with a new Republican that much more important.
Morris faces Democratic incumbent David K. Thomson for the Position 2 seat.

My name is J. Ron Martinez and I’m voting for Kerry J. Morris for the New Mexico Supreme Court because he cares about justice, which means he cares about you.

I would like to offer my endorsement of Kerry Morris for the New Mexico Supreme court. I have known Kerry for well over 25 years as his personal insurance agent. As an insurance agent, qualities like honesty, fairness and transparency are crucial – we don’t make the rules but we do our best to interpret and follow the guidelines set forth by underwriting. I believe Kerry is the same as me. He will work to uphold the constitution and bill of rights honestly and equally for all. I consider myself fortunate to have been able to work with and know Kerry for all of these years and I couldn’t think of a better person to put my trust in.

We are former clients of Kerry Morris and he did a great job on our case. He will be a wonderful
addition to bring balance to the New Mexico Supreme Court.

Roy Holloway and Family



We highly recommend Kerry Jeffrey Morris for Supreme Court position 2. He is in Albuquerque attorney
practicing law for over 40 years. He is also a former prosecutor, Bernalillo County District Attorney’s
Office. He pledges to faithful fully interpret the Constitution and the state of New Mexico laws and we
believe he would do just as he says. He is police endorsed which we believe says a lot. We believe he
would bring balance and stability to this position and that he would be fair and honest.

He is a very personable person, ET to talk to and he makes a person feel that much at ease and makes
you feel important. We say “vote for Kerry”!

Ralph and Evelyn Ricketts