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Kerry J. Morris for New Mexico Supreme Court Position 2

In these uncertain times of rising gas prices, inflation, and crime out of control people look to the courts for balance and stability. Kerry brings to the New Mexico Supreme Court 40+ years of experience including being an assistant district attorney for the Bernalillo County District Attorney’s Office and representing thousands of individuals in his private practice. Kerry understands the issues facing most people and the need for a Supreme Court that is equipped with the experience to address the issues presented in cases that come before it with a balanced consideration of the rights and interests of the parties and all concerned; a court that is willing to uphold the Constitution and prepared to look at all sides of an issue before rendering what may be a far-reaching decision that affects the lives of all who live in the state of New Mexico.

Vote for Kerry J. Morris for New Mexico Supreme Court. He will bring experience and balance to the Court.  He cares about Justice and he cares about you.

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New Mexico Supreme Court, Position 2